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Coir Products

Coir Logs, Coir Blankets, Coir Mats & More

Coir Products are a natural and biodegradable option for controlling erosion along river banks, slopes, hills, wetlands and job sites. Constructed entirely from materials that have been derived from the husks of coconuts, these products provide reliable erosion control and vegetative support. Over time, products will biodegrade to enrich the surrounding area and help further root stabilization and growth. As seen below, the coir fiber has been used to create several different coir products including control matting, logs, and geotextiles. Please feel free to choose the best product for your application or give our team a call at +1-772-646-0597.


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Coir Erosion Control Products

Coir erosion control products are some of the best options for erosion and sediment control in your location. Made from tough coconut fiber materials, these products offer some of the highest strength natural erosion control options for hills, slopes, banks, and other areas with high erosion control.

Coir Fiber Product Options

Coir fibers have been used to construct various erosion control products including the following:

Coir Mats

coir matOne of the most common uses for coir fibers is the coir mat. Constructed in a weave of coir twine, these mats offer the strength necessary for high flow areas or steep slopes. Coir Mats are one of the strongest erosion control mats available and have models that can be used on slopes up to 1:1.

Coir Logs

coir logAnother popular coir product is the Coconut Coir Logs. Made from a combination of coir twine and mattress coir, these logs can be used prevent erosion in the following locations:

  • River Banks
  • Streams
  • Hills
  • Lakes
  • Slopes

Coir Wattles

easy erosion controlSimilar in both design and style, the coir wattle is an excellent filtration device for erosion control and drain protection in your location. Wattles are commonly used on construction sites, job sites, and other areas dealing with stormwater runoff.

Additional Natural Erosion Control Products

In addition to the coir fiber products featured here, we also offer several other natural erosion control options including blankets made from straw and wood fiber materials. For more information on these products, please don't hesitate to ask or check our additional erosion control pages.

Other Product Categories:

straw blankets
Straw Blankets

woven geotextiles
Woven Geotextiles

turf reinforcment mat
Soil Reinforcement


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