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Straw Erosion Control Blanket

Short-Term Single Net Straw Blanket, 90 Days

Straw Blanket 90 Days

The Short-Term Straw Erosion Control Blanket is a rapidly degrading blanket designed to temporarily control erosion until plants are able to take root. When compared to erosion control specificationsother options, these short-term blankets are equipped with an UV degrader that allows them to biodegrade and photodegrade quicker than the standard blanket. This is especially useful for locations where vegetation is able to take root quickly.

Typical lifespan for one of these erosion blankets is approximately 90 days. This is perfect for areas needing to mow or begin their maintenance shortly after the installation of the blanket. All erosion blankets are made from agricultural wheat straw and photodegradable nylon netting for use in areas with slopes that are 3:1 or less.

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  • Thread: Nylon Material
  • Blanket Construction: Wheat Straw
  • Exterior Netting: Single Net Polypropylene
  • Ultraviolet Degrader Added to Netting for Quicker Breakdown
    (Breakdown Time Depends on Amount of Ultraviolet Activity)
  • Specifications


Typical Erosion Control Applications:

  • Short Term Stabilization for Grass Seed
  • Support for Low-Flow Areas
  • Rapid Degrade for Projects under 3 months
  • Short Term Roadside Stabilization

Straw Erosion Control Blanket

100% Wheat Straw
Single polypropylene (rapid photodegradable)
Nylon Photodegradable
Standard Width
8 feet/ 2.44 meters (actual 8' width)
Standard Length
113 feet/ 34.44 meters
100 sq. yards/ 83.6 sq. meters (standard)
Weight (Approx)
52 lbs. / 23.6 kg (0.53 lbs./ sq yard)
Medium Term, approx. 3 months
Best use
3:1 or less Low Flow Roadside Use
Thread Spacing
1 1/2 inches

*Custom widths and lengths also available.

Erosion Control Accessories

Ask about our erosion control accessories! Items include classic metal staples, wooden stakes, and biodegradable pegs.

biodegradable stakes

metal staple

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