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Streambank Erosion Control

Hello. We are looking for a form of streambank erosion control. We recently cleared some ditch liners and erosion control matare thinking we should put something on the banks to control the erosion. What would be a good option?

Thank you for contacting us! For stream bank control, there are a couple of different options you could consider. Many customers choose to use items like the Coir Mat, as it can naturally line the banks of a stream and help revegetate areas through its open weave design. Another option you may consider is the erosion control coir log. Made from the same natural fibers, the coir log can offer a higher level of control for dealing with streams or heavy flows.

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Coir Mats

The Coir Mat is a 100% natural and biodegradable product that can been used to provide erosion coir erosion control matcontrol along banks, slopes, shorelines, and various other erosion prone areas. These mats are made from woven machine-spun bristle coir twine that provides room for planting vegetation, while also offering natural biodegradation.

Common features and benefits found when using this product include:

Open Weave Design: The coir mat show here is a semi-permanent model that features an open weave design with holes measuring 0.3" x 0.5". This leaves enough room for planting seeds both before and after installation.

Natural Coir Fibers: The natural coir fibers used for this product are ideal for environmentally sensitive areas and are one hundred percent natural. This means they will naturally biodegrade after a period of time leaving enriched soil.

Semi-Permanent: This particular coir mat is a semi-permanent model, meaning it will last for around four to six years (4-6 yrs). This is long enough for vegetation to take root and form a natural erosion control area.

For erosion control mats with shorter life-spans, larger weaves, or different product construction, please view our complete selection of Erosion Control Mats.

Coir Log

In addition to the coir mat, another great option for streambank erosion control is the coir log. This coir logcoir product is designed as a densely packed tube that can be placed and installed along shore lines, stream banks, and more. Made from the same natural coir fiber, these logs can provide a solid and firm bank that can help vegetation take root.

Features Include:

  • Coir Fiber
  • 12" or 16" Diameters
  • Bristle Coir Twine Outer Net
  • Inside Mattress Coir Fiber
  • Rolls Can be Joined Together

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