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Wattles Erosion Control Products

Question: I am interested in wattles erosion control products and I would like to know more information about them. Specifically, where can they be used, what sizes are available, and what they are made from.

Answer: Erosion control wattles are an extremely versatile product that has been used in a wide range of erosion and sediment control applications, including the following:

  • coir wattlesErosion Control Along Stream Banks
  • In Low Flow Streams as a Check Dam
  • Along Construction Entrances for Sediment Control
  • Curved Around Drains as a BMP
    • (Check our our full selection of BMPs)

When compared to other natural fiber products, such as coconut coir logs, these wattles are designed with a lower density that allows them to filter water and other materials as they pass through the wattle. This is ideal for areas such as storm drains or inlets, as the wattles help to filter out sediment and prevent items from entering the drain system.

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Erosion Control Wattle Types

Erosion control wattles are made from a variety of different natural fiber products designed to help control and filter materials in your location. Some of the most common items used to create these wattles include the following:

  1. straw erosion control wattlesCoconut Coir Wattles: The coir wattle is a popular option for erosion control and is constructed using coconut coir fiber materials. These wattles are designed to help filter materials and control erosion in your location.
  2. Straw Wattles: The second common type of wattle is the straw wattle. These wattles will typically feature an outer jute netting and an interior made from straw fibers.

  3. Erosion Control Wattle Sizing coir wattles

Sizing for wattles erosion control can vary depending on your location and erosion control requirements.Typical sizing will include lengths of either 10 ft or 15 ft. and diameters of 6, 9, 12 or 20 inches.