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Single Net Straw Blanket
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Straw Blanket

Single Net Straw Erosion Control Blankets are a biodegradable product designed to offer short-term control during restoration projects, seeding requirements or other vegetation projects. Offering a typical life span of up to 12 months, these blankets are the perfect option for fast-growing plants, short term projects or erosion control in low-level areas.

Straw Blankets are constructed using biodegradable wheat straw that is distributed evenly between biodegradable jute netting. Over time, both components of the mat will slowly biodegrade to enrich the surrounding environment. These blankets are commonly used on slopes 3:1 or less and low flow areas.

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  • Fibers: 100% Wheat Straw
  • Netting: Single Jute
  • Threads: Biodegradable Jute, Rayon, or Cotton
  • Wheat Straw Distributed between Two Nettings
  • Roll Widths: 4-16 Feet, Custom widths in between
  • Roll Lengths: 50-800 feet, Custom Widths in between
  • Specifications


  • Completely Biodegradable Product
  • Safe for Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Perfect for Small Slopes and Low Flow Channels
  • Easy to Install
  • Stabilizes and Controls Erosion in a Given Area

Typical Erosion Control Applications:

  • Stabilization in Natural Habitats or Areas with Environmental Concerns
  • Roadside Stabilization
  • Riverbank Support
  • Control in Low-Flow Channels
  • Restoration Jobs

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Erosion Control Blankets
Technical Specifications

Flyer Straw Blanket Flyer
Installation Installation
Contents 100% Wheat Straw
Netting Single Jute (biodegradable)
Thread Jute, Rayon, or Cotton (biodegradable)
Area 100 sq. yards/ 83.6 sq. meters (standard)
Weight (Approx) 63 lbs./ 28.6 kg (0.63 lbs/ sq yard)
Life Short to Medium term, approx 12 months
Best use 3:1 slopes or less
Thread Spacing 1 1/2 inches

*Custom widths and lengths also available.

Erosion Control Accessories

Erosion Control Accessories are a great addition to any site using straw blankets, coir matting or other erosion control materials. Ask about our standard and biodegradable accessory options.

biodegradable stakes

metal staple


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