Erosion Control Blanket

Straw Blankets, Wood Fiber Blankets & Straw-Coco Blends

Granite Environmental's Erosion Control Blanket Variety offers a range of natural fiber products to help control erosion on slopes, channels, banks, roads and hillsides. Working to meet both short-term and long-term requirements, available products include coir, straw, wood fiber, and straw-coco blends. Please feel free to browse through our variety below to find the best option for your location.

Single Net Straw Blankets
erosion control blanket erosion control blanket biodegrade
erosion blanket specifications

Erosion Control:
Single Net (Polypropylene)

Erosion Control:
Jute Net (Biodegradable)

90 Day
Single Net (Rapid Degrade)

Double Net Straw Blankets
erosion control blanket erosion control matterial erosion control straw mats

Double Net Straw
(Polypropylene Netting)

Erosion Control:
Double Net Jute (Biodegradable)

90 day
Double Net (Rapid Degrade)

Coconut Fiber/Straw Blankets
erosion control specifications straw erosion blanket straw erosion blanket

Erosion Control Blankets:
Double Net Straw/Coco Blend

Straw Erosion Blanket:
Double Net Straw/Coco BD

Straw Erosion Blanket:

Coir Erosion Blankets
erosion control mats
coir blankets coir blanket

Coir Mats

Coir Blankets

Double Net Coir Blanket

Aspen Wood/Excelsior Blankets
erosion control mat excelsior blanket  

Aspen Wood Mat

Aspen Excelsior Blanket


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Choosing a Straw Erosion Control Blanket

Step 1: The first step in choosing a straw erosion control blanket is to determine which style matches the flow and steepness of your locations. For straw, there are two main types of erosion blankets:

Model Slopes Flows
Single Net Blankets Low Slopes
(up to 3:1)
Low Flows
Double Net Blankets Mild Slopes
(up to 2:1)
Moderate Flows

Straw Blanket Models

Step 2: After determining whether you require a single net or double net blanket, the next step is choosing the type of netting that is required for your site. Netting can be chosen based on required life expectancy or location. Both single net and double net options come in three standard models:

Model Material Lifespan Uses  
Standard Netting Polypropylene up to 12 months Slopes, Hills, Banks Single Net

Double Net
Biodegradable Netting Jute up to 12 months Environmentally Sensitive Areas Single Net

Double Net
Rapid Degrade Rapid Degrade Polypropylene 90 days Slopes, Areas with Fast Rooting Vegetation Single Net

Double Net

This variety helps to address stabilization requirements in almost any location.

Straw/Coco Blend Erosion Blankets

coir matsCoconut/Straw Blankets are typically recommended for areas that require higher flow rates, steeper slopes or longer-term use. Since coir is typically longer lasting and stronger than straw, these blankets are able to accommodate areas with significantly higher flows or steeper slopes. Blended mats will usually feature a double netting design.

Model Slopes Flows
Straw/Coir Blankets Steeper Slopes
(up to 1:1)
Higher Flow Rates

Securing Erosion Blankets

Green Stakes

Regardless of which blanket you choose, pegs, staples and stakes are required to secure the matting to the slope or hill. Available models include accessories made from wood or metal, as well as Biodegradable Models made from environmentally safe particles. Either can help keep your blankets securely in place for the duration of their use.


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